Meet the team

  • Micah Brown

    Producer | Director of Photography| Editor

    Micah is commonly used as a Producer/Director of Photography for sports documentaries and television shows. He shoots primarily on the RED DRAGON but has experience with others such as - Sony FS-700, Canon C300 and Canon 5D Mark iii.

  • Jeff Chadiha

    Producer | Writer

    Chadiha is a senior writer for and a contributor to ESPN the Magazine. Though his primary responsibility involves covering the NFL, he also provides stories for the newsmagazine show “E:60” and has appeared on ESPN shows such as “First Take,” “Numbers Never Lie” and “Sports Reporters.” Prior to joining ESPN in 2007, Chadiha was a senior writer for Sports Illustrated, where he worked for seven years. Overall, he has covered the NFL for a total of 16 years and won considerable recognition for his work, including a Sports Emmy in 2009.

    A former football player at the University of Wyoming and a graduate of the University of Michigan, Chadiha has brought his passion for storytelling to the world of film. In 2012, he began production on “The Miracles,” a documentary that details the story of the 1987-88 Kansas basketball team that won that season’s national championship. Chadiha also has had two of his E:60 stories – one on San Francisco 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis and another on his teammate, tight end Vernon Davis – turned into 30-minute documentaries that aired on ESPN.

  • Bob Tripp

    Senior Editor | Commercials and Advertising

    Tripp has had only one focus in career...his clients. He is a veteran editor with over 15 years experience working with every major studio including Disney, Fox, Universal, Sony and Paramount, he has been able to bring creativity and diversity and cater to the individual needs of the client.

    With unparalleled creativity and an eye for detail, he strives to bring something new to the table with every job. He has worked for major vendors in Hollywood such as Aspect Ratio, Trailer Park, and The Cimarron Group. He has worked on Cars 2, Ratatouille, Bad News Bears, Mission Impossible 2, Ice Age 4, Chasing Mavericks and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World along with many others.

    He grew up in Venice, CA where he played volleyball on the court and on the beach. His love for sports has drawn him to mix his love for editing and and passion for sports. Tripp's ability to interact with players and coaches have really helped him to get the highest quality product possible.

    For him, every project is an adventure, and he loves it!